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Why You Should Get a Shaggy Rug?

shaggy rug profile

When you think of shaggy rugs then you might hark back to the sixties or seventies and the heyday of flower power when they were very popular. Yes, they look great. But aren’t they difficult to maintain?

I mean, all those long fibres, have to make the life span of a rug pretty short, don’t they?

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Ready for winter?

As everyone knows, the long range weather forecast is rarely worth the paper it is printed on, so whether they are forecasting big freezes or the mildest winter since records began is really fairly immaterial. But it is worth doing a bit of work around the house to winter-proof it, especially following the reasonably mild weather that the UK has enjoyed this year so far.

heat loss diagram

Draughty windows

You can easily lose a lot of heat out of an ill-fitting window and you can just as easily stop the loss. There are various films you can attach across a window, taping it down and shrinking it to fit with a hair dryer but most people would agree that it looks totally hideous and it is a bit of a moot point whether you save that much when you allow for wastage and the cost of the hairdryer in the first place! The very best way of stopping draughts from windows is to draw the curtains and this works in all but the room you use in the day – it might be a bit gloomy in there, it’s true. If draughty doors are your problem, some draught excluder will soon stop the loss of warm air and a hall runner pushed up against the bottom of a front door will make a huge difference to the whole house.

Stripped floorboards can cause cold rooms

Tips for cleaning Hall Runners

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Does your house smell?

If you suspect that your house may be a little niffy, do the vacuum test. Put a new bag in (if appropriate) or empty the dust bin of your cleaner and then vacuum one room – preferably the one you think is the smelliest. Clean rugs if you have hard floors. Then, take the bag or bin outside and give it a good sniff. If it smells musty and generally not very nice, then that is how the room smells too, so you should do something about it. It doesn’t have to be drastic. If you sprinkle long pile rugs or hall runners with some bicarbonate of soda, well rubbed in, this will absorb nasty smells very quickly.

Home office design ideas on a budget

An article from that give some super advice on making a stylish home office with out breaking the bank. There are some great ideas for storage as wall as making the space work comfortably and effectively.

Which Material do I Choose?

With so many rug styles and fibres to choose from, it’s completely natural to feel overwhelmed when browsing for your ideal rug! Especially in large stores such as RugZone which offer so much choice and variety, it can be difficult to know which rug will look good and be most practical in your home.

Well, look no further than this blog post to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. We’ve put everything you need to know in simple terms, to make shopping for a rug an enjoyable experience instead of a stressful one!

Firstly there are the practical things to consider: whereabouts in the room will the rug be placed, and will it get high traffic volumes? Will children and pets be frequent users of the rug? Will it be subject to any moisture volumes, such as people wiping wet feet? All these things need to be taken into consideration before choosing the material of the rug.

Rugs intended for the bedroom may not need durability at the top of its list of qualities – you’d probably just want a gorgeously soft texture with a design to match the décor. Here is the lowdown on some of the most common materials used in rugs:


Wool is an all-round good choice for a rug material, as it feels and looks great. They offer great heat insulation and additionally repel stains – an ideal child-friendly rug. The only negative effect of choosing wool is it tends to shed fibres for a period of time. They are also not suitable for damp rooms.

Red and Green should never be seen, unless it’s in a traditional rug

The combination of red and green is one which makes you think of Christmas – so it’s not the best combination for other times of year. Except that is, when it comes to stylish traditional rugs for your home! Traditional rugs add a certain cosy appeal, especially when it’s in the year’s most festive shades – whoever said that red and green should never be seen should definitely think again!

Lord of the Manor

If you’re looking to channel a little upper-class style into your Victorian semi, why not opt for an English Manor rug. These classically styled rugs are available in a variety of sizes to suit even the most palatial drawing room, and will add an air of sophistication to your home. Muted shades of brick red and olive green give a subtle no to your favourite time of year whilst keeping things understated.

Rock the Kasbah

Spice things up with a Persian runner or traditional Kazak rug – these beauties add an air of exotic mystery to any home, and are hand knotted. The vibrant colours in these rugs are thanks to the vegetable dyes used by Iranian rug makers – when left to dry in the sun the colours fade slightly, leaving you with the deep, rich tones you see today. Vibrant red and earthy green are popular shades which remain bright even after drying, adding a pop of colour to a neutral room and bringing a hint of the world of spice markets, snake charmers and belly dancers into your living space.

Feminine Florals

Pride of Place for economy rugs and runners

If you are feeling that your home is beginning to look a bit tired and gloomy, don’t go to the expense of a complete makeover or – even more expensive – move. Just take a slow walk around and see if in fact it is just a few places that need a little bit of a smarten up. We bet it will be your hall, landing and possibly the living room.

Were we right? Thought so – and we can help you with the solution. All you need to make these slightly tatty areas bright and breezy again is a new rug or hall runner. And you don’t have to worry about the cost either because at we have loads of economy rugs and runners that will look just great in your home.

Taking the hall first, it is an area that often gets overlooked when it comes to decor which is a bit of a shame because it is the bit that everyone sees first. In fact, if you take into account the number of people you open the door to who never get beyond the front step, the hall is seen by far more people than any other part of the house. Many halls these days have laminate flooring of some description and although this makes it easy to clean up this kind of surface can look a little dull and unwelcoming. An economy runner, carefully chosen to pick up a colour from the walls, curtains or furniture can be given pride of place and no one will know it didn’t cost very much money.

There's a Red Runner in my Passageway

I'm not kidding, there actually is. It's red, woollen and durable and perhaps most importantly, it makes everyone who enters my house feel like they are walking along their very own red carpet.

Hallway runners are a fantastic way to inject some warmth and colour into a part of your home that can otherwise become somewhat neglected. Many of us don't bother to do much with our hallways. We don't use them every day as a room to spend a great deal of time in, they're simply an area we pass through when leaving or entering the house. But they are the first thing that a visitor to our home sees. They should be warm, inviting and cosy, and they should hold some subtle clues to what a visitor can expect to find in the rest of your house.

Investing in a carpet runner, whether red or otherwise, can add some of your personal flair to a boring, bland passageway. Runners are available in many different materials and colours, but a bright runner in shades such as turquoise, fuchsia or red can add a pop of colour and a warm ambience to an otherwise neutrally decorated hallway.

For a traditional vibe, why not choose a patterned runner in a classic, oriental design. These stunning runners look great with matching rugs in Victorian terraces or period properties and add character and class to any surroundings. For contemporary apartments, a fun wool runner in vibrant shades of mulberry and mauve can brighten up even the dullest Monday morning, making sure that you leave the house with a spring in your step.

Stripe Rug Innovations

Striped rugs aren’t a new innovation, Gabbah’s, many of which are simple broad striped rug designs made in bright colours have been produced by Persian tribesmen for centuries. They say there is no such thing as an original concept and fashion like the shifting sands will continue to drift and mutate in any direction that the wind blows. While a stripe rug is just that, the sort of thing a child could design, the introduction of colour and texture can make something moderately simple into a complicated and beautiful centrepiece.

The current trend for striped rugs and carpets probably stems from the introduction of the many striped wall coverings presently available. These range from simple broad stripe two-tone to complex varied width stripes in multi-coloured designs. The innovation evolves from vertical stripes to horizontal stripes to diagonal stripes and even zigzag stripes. As the wall covering evolves so too does the home furnishing accessories, curtains, cushions, throws, rugs and carpets all want to coordinate and be an integral part of the stripe revolution.

Hawaii Rugs styled with a floral tropics design

At a recent exhibition in Harrogate I stumbled upon an interesting floral rug design concept. While the design was by no means unique it did have hints of North American trends and the botanical essence of tropical Hawaii. The floral rugs designed with bold flowers much like the Hawaiian shirts and the colouring are subtly and tastefully contrasted to bring the tropics to your home. I can tell when good quality wool has been used to make a rug by the clarity of the yarn colour, cheaper yarn produces duller colours. The carving has been painstakingly etched by hand into the rug to bring floral rudiments of the design to life. As the rug is hand tufted the backing is jute.

Buying rugs to sell at competitive prices

The vast majority of Internet rug dealers build their business on the back of stocks held by wholesalers and importers. That is to say, they do not invest in stock; instead they simply lift photos from the rugs supplier catalogue and offer them on their web site. When the customer orders rugs from the website the retailer must then order the rugs from the wholesaler or importer, wait for the rugs to be delivered to their premises, then make arrangements to deliver to the end user, the customer. Not only is this method of selling costly to the end user it can take at best ten days to two weeks to process and deliver an order.
Any importer of rugs will tell you that transportation of goods is a major expense which inevitably has to be paid for by the end user. Because there is no mass production of rugs in the United Kingdom most machine made Wilton rugs are imported from Belgium, the Middle East or Turkey while handmade rugs are imported from India, Pakistan and China where labour is considerably cheaper. As rugs are generally bulky the burden of delivery charges can be a relatively high proportion of the end product price. A typical internet rug retailer who is operating using wholesale or importers stocks must additionally carry the weight of the operating costs and profit margins of his suppler plus the delivery costs to his door and also to the end user.

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