There's a Red Runner in my Passageway

I'm not kidding, there actually is. It's red, woollen and durable and perhaps most importantly, it makes everyone who enters my house feel like they are walking along their very own red carpet.

Hallway runners are a fantastic way to inject some warmth and colour into a part of your home that can otherwise become somewhat neglected. Many of us don't bother to do much with our hallways. We don't use them every day as a room to spend a great deal of time in, they're simply an area we pass through when leaving or entering the house. But they are the first thing that a visitor to our home sees. They should be warm, inviting and cosy, and they should hold some subtle clues to what a visitor can expect to find in the rest of your house.

Investing in a carpet runner, whether red or otherwise, can add some of your personal flair to a boring, bland passageway. Runners are available in many different materials and colours, but a bright runner in shades such as turquoise, fuchsia or red can add a pop of colour and a warm ambience to an otherwise neutrally decorated hallway.

For a traditional vibe, why not choose a patterned runner in a classic, oriental design. These stunning runners look great with matching rugs in Victorian terraces or period properties and add character and class to any surroundings. For contemporary apartments, a fun wool runner in vibrant shades of mulberry and mauve can brighten up even the dullest Monday morning, making sure that you leave the house with a spring in your step.

Funky runners in shades of mint and emerald are a fresh look for any passageway, welcoming in the spring season and bringing some of nature's beauty to your home. Whether you choose a plain lime green wool runner or a leaf patterned runner in shades of emerald and taupe, green runners are a delightful addition to any hallway.

Your runner doesn't have to be plain; inject some old Scottish charm into your home with a red tartan runner and matching stair carpet for a heritage feel, or choose a modern block design runner in shades of terracotta and deep brick red. Red and orange runners give any home a warm ambience and look especially good against laminate or real wood floorboards.

Whatever style of runner you choose, try to pick a durable material that is easy to clean, as muddy shoes will inevitably be coming in and out of your house. Darker colours hide dirt better, as do patterned styles, but if you are an Anthea Turner type and like to keep everything scrupulously clean, then you may be able to get away with a cream or light coloured runner for your hallway.