Why a better chamois gives better performance

We’ve all had them; those long, uncomfortable rides where you’re hot, sticky, have a sore bottom from hours spent on the bike saddle and that nagging feeling of chafing where you want it least. Investing in the best chamois pads you can afford could make your cycling (whether training, racing or just commuting to work) a much more pleasurable and comfortable experience!

Chamois pads are designed to provide support and padding to your rear, transferring sweat and moisture away from your skin and preventing chafing. Special fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and 4-way stretch material moves with your body as you pedal, ensuring comfort. Choose antimicrobial chamois which are often made with silver yarns in the fabric, keeping germs away from your skin.

The type of chamois you choose will depend on your personal preferences – if you cycle in an upright position then you should opt for a multi-thickness pad which offers extra rear cushioning, whereas if your approach to biking is altogether more laid back, then a multi-density foam pad should suit you down to the ground.

Remember that a seamless, stretch chamois is one of the most comfortable you will find as it conforms to your body shape and moves with you and your shorts. You’ll find that a better chamois gives better performance, particularly if you’re training or racing long distances in warm weather. You’ll need a reliable and hardwearing pad that offers increased levels of protection, is breathable and pulls moisture away from your skin, leaving you comfortable and happy.

Protecting your buttocks is one of the most important parts of any ride, whether for pleasure or training, and if you are travelling long distances on your bike, then your bottom will be the first place to feel the strain! Investing in quality chamois, or shorts with in-built chamois, will ensure that you are adequately supported, which can also help to prevent aches and pains in other areas, cushioning you from rough terrain and uneven ground.

It shouldn’t cost the earth to invest in high quality, synthetic chamois pads. In the past, chamois were often made of leather, and chamois cream was applied to the pads to keep them supple and in good condition. Nowadays, many cyclists use cream in conjunction with pads, for further protection from moisture and chafing. Find a really good quality pad that fits you well, and you may not need to spend extra money on creams and lotions.

It’s possible to find great deals on chamois online at most cycling websites, where you will also find free delivery and return options available.