Pride of Place for economy rugs and runners

If you are feeling that your home is beginning to look a bit tired and gloomy, don’t go to the expense of a complete makeover or – even more expensive – move. Just take a slow walk around and see if in fact it is just a few places that need a little bit of a smarten up. We bet it will be your hall, landing and possibly the living room.

Were we right? Thought so – and we can help you with the solution. All you need to make these slightly tatty areas bright and breezy again is a new rug or hall runner. And you don’t have to worry about the cost either because at we have loads of economy rugs and runners that will look just great in your home.

Taking the hall first, it is an area that often gets overlooked when it comes to decor which is a bit of a shame because it is the bit that everyone sees first. In fact, if you take into account the number of people you open the door to who never get beyond the front step, the hall is seen by far more people than any other part of the house. Many halls these days have laminate flooring of some description and although this makes it easy to clean up this kind of surface can look a little dull and unwelcoming. An economy runner, carefully chosen to pick up a colour from the walls, curtains or furniture can be given pride of place and no one will know it didn’t cost very much money.

The landing is also easy to give a bit of a lift with a runner, although we would like to put on our health and safety hats here and remind you to be careful that your economy rug or runner doesn’t constitute a trip hazard. We wouldn’t want you taking the quick route down into the hall! It’s easier in the living room as the floor isn’t a hazard as a rule, but you can really go to town when it comes to giving this room a quick lift. If you have a plain decor then a splash of colour looks great and with our easy to use website you can browse by colour as well as price to have the rug you want heading your way for next day delivery.