Buying Lycra Cycling Shorts

The best reason for wearing proper cycling shorts is comfort. After riding a bike for a couple of hours wearing anything other than Lycra or XpandX combined with a quality Coolmax or G.Tex pad will rip you to threads. Because they are tight and unhampered the XpandX short from Deko is engineered to keep the G.Tex padding correctly positioned as it works with your body to expel excess moisture.

There is no reason in the world that you should end your ride with the comment; “I feel like I’ve been rogered by a hippo”. Cycling short are designed to make your ride more enduring and there is a cut and style to suit all riders. Basically the tight stretchable Lycra or XpandX material hugs the body keeping the shorts from rucking during the ride while also offering aerodynamic, moisture wicking and fast drying properties. To ensure that the cycling shorts perform to their maximum efficiently they should be worn direct to the skin, this means you wear no underwear as it is often the sweaty underwear that causes the most painful chafing.

Cycling shorts come in a standard short shape or a longer ¾ length or a bib short. The bib short is preferred by many riders because they don’t fall down or dig into your hips. If you are taller than average they will also give better coverage to your back. Whatever style of short is right for you the best choice and value is available from