traditional rugs

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Red and Green should never be seen, unless it’s in a traditional rug

The combination of red and green is one which makes you think of Christmas – so it’s not the best combination for other times of year. Except that is, when it comes to stylish traditional rugs for your home! Traditional rugs add a certain cosy appeal, especially when it’s in the year’s most festive shades – whoever said that red and green should never be seen should definitely think again!

Lord of the Manor

If you’re looking to channel a little upper-class style into your Victorian semi, why not opt for an English Manor rug. These classically styled rugs are available in a variety of sizes to suit even the most palatial drawing room, and will add an air of sophistication to your home. Muted shades of brick red and olive green give a subtle no to your favourite time of year whilst keeping things understated.

Rock the Kasbah

Spice things up with a Persian runner or traditional Kazak rug – these beauties add an air of exotic mystery to any home, and are hand knotted. The vibrant colours in these rugs are thanks to the vegetable dyes used by Iranian rug makers – when left to dry in the sun the colours fade slightly, leaving you with the deep, rich tones you see today. Vibrant red and earthy green are popular shades which remain bright even after drying, adding a pop of colour to a neutral room and bringing a hint of the world of spice markets, snake charmers and belly dancers into your living space.

Feminine Florals

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